Debt Factoring- Public and Private Sector




  • Pending Bills Financing
  • Receivables Financing
  • Payables Financing
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Reverse Factoring

Eligible Entities


  • The National Treasury
  • Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)
  • County Governments
  • 100% State-Owned Enterprise (SOE)
  • Quasi-Public Enterprises
  • NSE Listed Corporations
  • Large Local Corporations (Privately Held)
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)


  • Special Suppliers- Differently Enabled People
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Suppliers- Women and Youth
  • Critical Sector Suppliers- Sector Specific (Infrastructure, Medical, Security, Food Production, Communication & Technology….)
  • Micro Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Large Local Suppliers
  • International Suppliers
  • Other Local Suppliers
Easing Payables, Guaranteeing Suppliers Timely Receivables.
  • Corporations/Organisations are seeking to avail themselves off-balance sheet liquidity management and working capital finance programs to support the growth of their successful
  • Corporates wish to extend their liquidity periods by at least an extra 60 to 180 days post invoice due dates whilst still paying suppliers on time.
  • Sell what you owe or what you are owed with confirmed evidence of goods supply or service
  • We extend your cash and working capital 
  • We pay the suppliers invoices when due and or those overdue, earn from your invoice faster.
  • We take away hassle of making late payments and extending your liquidity.
  • Pay us after 60-180 days from the date of sale or invoice acceptance.

JOIN Meridian Debt Factoring and Receivables Financing

Buyers can pay their suppliers on time or early at no cost, suppliers to benefit from healthy cash flows. Suppliers can sell their delayed and or non-performing receivables, increase liquidity, minimise bad debt losses and expenses in accounts receivable management. We buy your B2B receivables and assume the risk of reduced collectibility.